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amazon store

amazon is a great alternative to running your own store. setting up the store does have a bit of a learning curve, their templates are definitely just jumping off points, but in general they give the store's owners the facilities they need to make the store over in their own image - we have created custom code that redirects UK and Canadian customers to their respective amazon.com sites as well a function that lets a product grab the reviews from amazon.com and put them into the amazon webstore!

amazon code screen
amazon template design screen
amazon template design screen
amazon file uploads
amazon file uploads
amazon file uploads


you need to customize your categories and your templates, create and load unique css and js files, leave in room for special functions, throw in your social links, create custom graphics to suit your branding, load your products, set up promotions, configure your tax rate…

amazon webstores are great for many clients, but …

  • some manufacturers won't let you sell on amazon
  • there are tax and vat issues to consider
  • there is an ongoing expense
  • amazon does use google analytics with conversions and lets you create custom events

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once you have the store established you need to make sure you are doing all you can with the store seo. amazon supports feeds out to google merchant center and bing. this will allow you to pretty easily create product listing ads that have the correct imagery and urls, without spending days in google spreadsheets each month updating your product listings