«» digital marketing services «» isn't everything on the internet about ecommerce in some way?

buying selling

the whole reason the internet is cool is because it makes marketing, advertising, buying, and selling a single, conjoined process. we've built e-commerce sites for many clients selling insulation, jewelry, fly rods, clothing, antiques "
our sites can use off the shelf carts, or we've also built our own. we can use a credit card processing api, or paypal, or just build a wishlist to forward.

new milford historical society management interface
beach bum sea glass jewelry management interface
best energy payment and delivery queue
dryflies product management interface
dryflies product sales screen
beach bum sea glass jewelry management interface
dryflies product sales screen
kent ct business management screen
kent ct ad insertion screen
kent ct management interface
kent ct youtube management interface
kent ct main management interface


of course, not all ecommerce involves money. the us army recruitment website became the most significant source of new recruits, and at a significantly lower conversion cost. just running google adwords has helped drive traffic to firms that we represent. using the google merchant feed has let us add products to google shopping at no cost to the client!

ecommerce checklist

  • do you want to sell products, or bring in brick and mortar traffic?
  • can you sell and/or deliver your products? you may just want to make a shopping list and have the cutomers email you their needs
  • are you already running a store? we have brought data in from both ebay and amazon
  • do you already have a merchant account, you can use paypal, or costco, or boa, etc

what we did

automated appliance takes parts orders online
negm uses a online order form that customers submit by email
foambook had both an online store as well as advertising space for sale
great blue outfitters sold canoes online
connecticut precast takes job specs online
cherry hill construction takes online orders for dumpsters on the secure side of their site
ecommerce solutions that we have created include online ordering and online bill payment for best energy. online reservations with credit card information on a secure server for cherryhill. online job specs for cubitek, connecticut precast, colonna concrete. online membership for new milford historical and kent chamber of commerce. online sales for housatonic river outfitters (using an asin lookup from hro's amazon store), trailheads, beach bum, new york rain, cedar accessories.