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print is beautiful, and by all accounts it is dying. the days when a saul bass could spend weeks making sure that an ad was perfect, or a frazier purdy could walk into an office and see that a headline was ¼ of an inch off are over. most print these days is coupon advertising, valuable in its way, but hardly elegant. the good news is that print still drives huge amounts of traffic to web sites. adding a redemption code to an inexpensive flyer is a great way to get traffic, sales, and revenue. tv (video), is another story. today there is more and better video than ever before, because there are so few restrictions on video designers. we use mostly aftereffects, because of the really raucous way it manipulates images.

Avenue E Media KitNutmeg 3fold mailerNutmeg 2 page spread
bthrifty card carrier
guerrera landscaping ad
carvel ice cream
smart shopper cover art
bthrifty cartoon
dominos coupon ad
hardware city ad
david sibley event in sharon, ct
osaka restaurant ad
page hardware

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print can be one of the most effective ways to push messages to customers, particularly messages that can be redeemed, fulfilled, or expanded upon on the web.There is no excuse for running an ad that doesn't point to a custom page on a web site. print still drives traffic to businesses, direct mail is inexpensive and effective. local shopping guides do drive local traffic, and in specialized magazines there is still a need for great print ads. we have done great print, and even our lousy print is better than most.

we love print and have been making commercials since tv still came in b&w

  • visual retouching using photoshop
  • page design using indesign
  • prepress using many sheets of paper
  • video editing using finalcut pro
  • video completion with aftereffects


quick response code
nutmeg jazz festival poster
youtube kent pumpkin fest
nutmeg music print ad
nutmeg dance print
kent youtube
nutmeg dance print
nutmeg dance print
kent youtube
academy di capelli salon
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avenue-e brochure
dansereye performance poster
cutting edge vide
bthrifty card carrier
bob kretschko antiques
kent youtube
noble restaurant for bthrifty
tv is great fun to do. back when we started it had to be shot on film, at 90 cents per foot, including processing, then edited on film, then transferred to tape, then conformed in an online session…
by the 90s we were cutting commercials, and films in-house at Y&R, commercials for AT&T and KFC, films about what customers thought of Sears clothes, Pirelli Tires, Miller Beer, the relevance of small town life in the American psyche (really).
now we just shoot it on digital tape or with a little camera, load it in the mac and edit it in finalcut and aftereffects. so much easier, so much cheaper, and if you post it to youtube you can add in a geographic dimension in order to add to the video's seo relevance.