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word press

wordpress is a great way to get a robust content management system with nearly no overhead. the software is free, installs easily, has gazillions of support pages, thousands of plugins and themes, and is generally pretty terrific. getting it to do exactly what you want can be another issue, but it is more than doable!

cache management
seo for wordpress
page management
seo for wordpress
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seo for wordpress

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of course wordpress started as a blogging software, but don't let that be a barrier. even if you never blog anything you can still use the wordpress system to maintain your site. the various plug-ins available make it easy to set up efficient seo, xml sitemaps, drag and drop mp3, quicktime, youtubes, and every other kind of media type. plus, if you want to blog, you can do that, too.

what is a plug-in, what do they do?

  • shopping carts
  • mpeg/mp4
  • seo
  • caching (for site speed)
  • galleries
  • slide shows
  • multi site management
  • and many more!


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when we make a wordpress site we create a custom theme for the client, thus assuring that the site will not look like every other site out in wordpress space. for one client we created a site with nine linked sites, each of which maintained its own posts database, and used plug ins to bring the latest posts forward to the home page. it included rotating ads that ran site wide (or on sub-sections), as well as an employment/job-search section.